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Help to recover from drug or alcohol abuse

We've launched a new combined drug and alcohol recovery service to offer support across the county.

Derbyshire Recovery Partnership

Derbyshire Recovery Partnership is a partnership between Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, local charity Derbyshire Alcohol Advice Service (DAAS), national charity Phoenix Futures and peer-led organisation Intuitive Thinking Skills.

It offers a wide range of support to help people reduce the harm from their substance use, access treatment and move into recovery.

Families and carers who are living with, or supporting, someone with a substance misuse issue can also get help.

The new partnership brings together well-established charities and organisations with a wealth of experience providing support, training, education and treatment of alcohol and drugs related issues.

Because the complete range of services is provided, it avoids people having to transfer between different organisations.

Derbyshire Recovery Partnership offers:

People can refer themselves into the Derbyshire Recovery Partnership or be referred by a third party such as a GP.

To get in touch with Derbyshire Recovery Partnership for support with drug or alcohol issues tel: 0845 308 4010 or 01246 206514.

Or email: or visit Derbyshire Recovery Partnership.